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I was born in Iran and moved to Australia in 2010. Since then, I live in the beautiful city of Adelaide. I was awarded a PhD degree in petroleum engineering from University of Adelaide in 2013 and I work in Australian school of petroleum as a lecturer/researcher.

Study tour in Bandung, Indonesia



Underground Storage of hydrogen

Biological reactions, simulation

2002 - 2006

Petroleum University of Technology (PUT)

Bachelor of science in petroleum engineering.

Groundwater Hydrology

Coal seam gas reservoirs, pump and treat

Drilling Engineering and Wellbore Decommissioning 

Drilling fluid design and well design

Pressure transient and rate transient analysis

Deep coal seams of the Cooper Basin.

Fairview Field, Bowen Basin, Australia.

Qinshui Basin, China.

2007 - 2009

Curtin University of Technology

Master of petroleum well engineering


University of Adelaide

PhD in petroleum engineering

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